My story

My name is Marcela Benedetti and politics is in my DNA.

Not long after I was born, my father was arrested as part of the military coup in Argentina. After he was released I witnessed the struggle against the military government and, eventually, the restoration of democracy. Everything comes from this.

Sixteen years ago I arrived in London, with my little boy in tow, unable to speak English. I came to London – and immediately knew this wonderful city was where I wanted to make my home and raise my child.

I started working in the domestic abuse sector and have also taken any chance I have had to advocate for the rights of migrants like myself.

The political flame kept burning inside me but I was constantly being told politics in this country ‘wasn’t for someone like me’ – including by a Conservative councillor. Meanwhile, working on the frontline, I saw how Tory austerity was crippling our NHS, our care sector and our schools, and hitting the most vulnerable worst.

Sadiq Khan shows what a difference can be made when London has a Labour Mayor. Now Britain urgently needs a Labour government. 

I want to be part of this, working with Sadiq and Keir Starmer to give proper representation all over South West London, the place I chose to make my home.